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  Ritmika - Club for Bulgarian Dances

Club studying Bulgarian folk dances RITMIKA health is a Sports Complex Slavia and Fitness Sportes Slavia - Sofia, Bulgaria.

Art director of Ritmika Club is Svetla Milosheva.

If you want to learn about different people and popular dance if you want it be fun if you want to be tired, if you want to spend several hours in a pleasant company, good atmosphere and mood - come with us.

This is us - you and beginners young and young in spirit, but dancing to a large has.
For contact:
Svetla Milosheva - Art Director of Ritmika Folk Dance Club
mobile phone: +359 0885 441 435

Фолклорна танцова панорама 2018
Фолклорна танцова
панорама 2018

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